Uniform software ensures transparency at Germany’s charging stations

In many cases, people who refuel their electric car at German charging stations do not know exactly how the bill comes about. Consumer protection already prescribes uniform and transparent billing. Two e-mobility providers are now providing transparency at Germany’s charging stations with groundbreaking software. Companies can participate cost-effectively in the development of this software.

Consumer protection has been of particular importance in Germany for many years. In order to ensure transparent billing at charging stations, the Rule Determination Committee (REA) has defined uniform requirements for the recording of measured values. This has created a uniform framework throughout Germany. Charge Point Operators are now required to technically implement these calibration-compliant requirements. The so called end-to-end signature is used here. It enables users of charging stations to check the correctness of the recorded values at any time.

Thanks to the end-to-end signature, drivers can download the digitally signed measured values after receiving their invoice and check them with so-called transparency software. The transparency software determines whether the signature of the measured values matches the public key of the charging station. This ensures that the values were not manipulated or falsified after entry and that the settlement was issued correctly.

In order to find a uniform solution for Germany, 30 companies have already joined forces in the S.A.F.E initiative. The partners have decided that has-to-be gmbh, in cooperation with Ebee, a subsidiary of the Bender Group, should develop transparency software for the German market and make it available to the participating companies. In future, German consumers will only need a single transparency software to check measured values – even at charging stations from different manufacturers.

For more information visit transparenz.software.

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