Video – Bruce Renouard explains Pre-Flex AI-based soft-switching power tech

By Alix Paultre, Editor-in-Chief

In this video, Bruce Renouard, CEO of Pre-Switch, explains Pre-Flex, a new technology the company unveiled to the industry at PCIM, to Alix Paultre of Aspencore. The solution is based on an embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) controller chip that can effectively eliminate transistor switching losses in hard-switched power architectures.

Said to be applicable to virtually any power converter topology, Pre-Flex promises to dramatically reduce cost, size and weight, while increasing efficiency and reliability of power converters. Target applications include the server, solar, wind, EV, traction and motor drive markets.

According to the company, Pre-Flex technology learns and adapts “in-system,” on a cycle-by-cycle basis, to reliably force resonant soft-switch across changing loads, input voltages, temperatures and manufacturing tolerances. The technology has proven efficiencies greater than those of five-level topologies at a fraction of the cost and complexity. Pre-Flex also significantly lowers EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and dramatically decreases dV/dt for any switch type.

For more information visit www.pre-switch.com

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