MicroGrid expanded-metal foils enable improved battery performance

Dexmet MicroGrid current collectors were tested by several power manufacturers for their electrochemical performance, including energy density, power density and cycling. Third-party testing revealed that MicroGrid current collectors can not only increase the active material loading, but also improve the high rate cycling performance, as compared to the conventional current collector. The MicroGrid electrode demonstrates much higher stable reversible capacity at high-rates, and the improvement becomes even more significant with the increase of loading density, which is pointing to a very balanced energy-power design of lithium-ion batteries.

The results show the application of expanded metal foil MicroGrid for use as current collectors for advanced energy, power, and cycling performance in next generation lithium ion batteries. To learn how you can use Dexmet expanded metal foils in your next generation power application, contact a member of our power technology group below:

For more information visit www.dexmet.com

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