High-power drivers for commercial LEDs

Dialog Semiconductor plc, the leader in world-class innovation and diversified power management products and Bluetooth® Smart technology, released the latest addition to its extensive portfolio of high power drivers that feature flickerless operation. The new drivers are applicable for use in high power commercial LED applications up to 90 W.


“Commercial LED lighting customers are the most demanding in terms or LED lighting performance and reliability. However, the market is just as price sensitive as the consumer sector so we are constantly striving to help customers create lighting that combines leading-edge performance with the lowest possible cost. These two new high power LED driver controllers do exactly that using proven, patented technologies that produce visible competitive edge,” said Davin Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Power Conversion Business Group at Dialog Semiconductor.


The iW3629 and iW3631 are digital offline AC/DC LED driver with high power factor (PF) greater than 95% and low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 10% over the entire input voltage range. They offer fast Start-up Time of less than 0.5 seconds and less than 5% of line frequency ripple on the output current.


The two drivers almost offer the same characteristics and features except that the iW3631 dimmable controller has a flicker and shimmer-free dimming range of 1% to 100% unlike the iW3629 which is non-dimmable.


The iW3629 and iW3631 controllers both use Dialog Semiconductor’s Flickerless™ technology. This patented technology was designed specifically for Solid State Lighting (SSL) applications to eliminate potentially harmful flickers. It is based on a two-stage conversion approach – interrogating what type of dimmer is use, and providing appropriate algorithm to the dimmer – to improve the power factor of the entire circuitry.


Embedded in both iW3629 and iW3631 as well as in every AC/DC and SSL products of Dialog Semiconductor is the PrimAccuratetechnology – an advanced primary-side sensing algorithm – that eliminates the need for a secondary side regulator and optical feedback isolator. It enables accurate control of the output over a wide range of operating conditions. PrimAccurate also ensures excellent line and load regulation with full system protection during faulty conditions. The algorithm used resulted in lower BOM cost, reduced overall solution size, and improved reliability without the need to add costly components.


Production quantities of the iW3629 and iW3631 will be available in the second quarter of 2016 but product samples are also available upon request.


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