Enabling best-in class GaN devices

GaN value chain players are gearing up for prime time –  In particular GaN on Si technology became the focal point for innovations in power switching, RF power for 5G and sensor applications.  As high-volume, large diameter and low cost manufacturing solutions for GaN on Si are becoming available today, EpiGaN is ready to provide optimized GaN epiwafer solutions up to 200mm on Si and 150mm on SiC for multiple target applications.

In this webtalk Dr. Markus Behet, EpiGaN CMO, will highlight the company’s latest GaN technology developments for 600V power switching and RF power for 5G. These latest product generations offer lowest RF losses and dispersion effects utilizing AlN/GaN HEMTs with in-situ SiN passivation on large diameter epiwafers that enable best-in class device performance.



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