DOCSIS 3.1 RF Switch with the highest linearity record

Peregrine Semiconductor launched an RF switch based on DOCSIS 3.1 that sets a record as the highest linearity device. The UltraCMOS® PE42723 is an enhanced version of PE42722 that provides an increased performance and more compact package. The PE42723 passed the linearity specifications of DOCSIS 3.1 standard for cable systems. Using PE42723, the cable customer premises equipment (CPE) devices are allowed for dual upstream/downstream band architecture.

Kinana Hussain, Director of Marketing at Peregrine Semiconductor, said, “Our UltraCMOS technology enables Peregrine to solve the world’s biggest RF challenges. We answered the cable industry’s call with the PE42722 and took the challenge to the next level with the PE42723 – the highest linearity device on the market today. No other company can compete with Peregrine on linearity.”

The demand in providing a more high-speed home data is taken by the cable industry as a challenge. Video-streaming services has embraced rapidly by consumers that amasses the situation and create a tremendous damage to the broadband ecosystem including CPE devices and cable infrastructure.  The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) showed that every month, around five million years of videos would travel across the Internet in 2019. This result indicates that a total of a million minutes of videos will be streamed or downloaded each second. In 2013, DOCSIS 3.1, a standard that provides a multi-gigabit throughput was developed to keep pace with the demand of consumers around the world. The industry pushed a goal to meet the new linearity requirements and harmonics of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

The challenge in DOCSIS 3.1 linearity specifications particularly in dual upstream/downstream band architecture support has been solved by both the PE42722 and PE42723. These RF switches are the only devices capable of supporting two-upstream/downstream band combination for the same CPE device. CPE devices can conform to the DOCIS 3.1 standard. Multi-service operators (MSOs) can extend their services to their customers. Additionally, MSOs can use the switches the support DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 specifications, thus providing a straightforward and low cost transition to DOCSIS 3.1.

Jim Koutras, Director of Product Management at MaxLinear, stated, “DOCSIS 3.1 represents a giant leap forward in achieving multi-gigabit data rates. With their exceptional linearity, Peregrine’s PE42722 and PE42723 RF switches simplify the transition from DOCSIS 3.0 to 3.1. The ability to support dual upstream/downstream bands in the same CPE device is a critical enabler to making DOCSIS 3.1 a reality.

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