Weidmüller OMNIMATE plug-in connectors allows PCB connection in the smallest of spaces

The compact OMNIMATE Signal BLF 3.5 PCB plug-in connector with innovative PUSH IN connection system from Weidmüller addresses the need for compact devices that demand tailored connection system for devices in industrial automation technology. The PCB plug-in connectors are designed especially flat with a height of 9.0 mm – pitch 3.5 mm. BLF 3.5 is very well suited for applications in which high density is called for.

The BLF 3.5 PUSH IN connection system has a current carrying capacity of 17.5 A, as well as a rated voltage of 320 V, accepts solid and stranded-wire conductors with and without wire-end ferrules from 0.14 to 1.5 mm2 (IEC) and 26 to 16 AWG (UL). The conductors can be easily inserted into the contact point without tools. Stranded-wire conductors without wire-end ferrules are connected by opening the contact point and pushing the button. The PUSH IN connection with its functional lock & release levers supports fast, reliable handling during installation and maintenance. The safety rib prevents accidentally pushing the lever when plugging. Unambiguous and clear equipment ID is guaranteed by large marking areas, as well as easily legible markers on the “pusher” on each contact point.

Optional standard cross-connections (ZQV) allow the function of a bus system, ensuring the power supply is maintained even if a device is replaced. The plug-in connector has two mounting flanges so fixation is possible either with the lock & release lever or by means of a classical cable gland. Strain relief allows the plug to be pulled out in tight installation situations; connectors can also be fixed to it with a cable tie.

Weidmüller offers the OMNIMATE Signal BLF 3.5 PCB plug-in connectors in the standard colors orange and black, and on request also in the colors green, grey, blue, red and yellow. The colors of the PUSHERS for opening the contact point are configured orange and black (standard) and optionally green, grey, blue, red or yellow. The BLF 3.5 closed on the side with the PUSH IN connection system is available with 2 to 24 poles; with a side flange from 2 to 18-pole, as well as a 24-pole version; with a side lock & release lever from 2 to 16-pole plus a 24-pole version, and finally the version with lock & release lever in 2 to 18 poles.


Additional information: www.weidmueller.com

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