Webinar: 20 minutes of energy storage isn’t enough for the grid today

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Time: 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 15:00 UTC
Duration: 45 min + Q&A

Nearly every vital network we rely on uses storage to address mismatches between supply and demand, but the electric power sector largely lacks this capability. IHS Markit studied four of society’s critical networks – data, travel, perishable goods and natural gas and found each had storage amounting to at least four days worth of demand, and even years worth for data networks. By contrast, the electric power system has only enough energy storage to meet around 20 minutes of demand. But with rising adoption and declining costs for energy storage, that is starting to change.

Come join IHS Markit to learn more about how storage enables our most critical networks and how recent developments in energy storage can enable this transformation for the entire electric power system. AES Energy Storage, a leader in grid-scale energy storage, will also share insights from its decade of experience deploying energy storage projects and offer examples of how utility customers are already integrating storage into their grids.

Who Should Attend
Utilities, energy sector regulators, policy makers, independent power producers, grid operators, environmental/energy-focused NGOs and renewables developers. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.
Free Whitepaper
Everyone who registers for this webinar will receive a special report titled “Reaching Peak Performance: What the electric power sector can learn from society’s other vital networks” by Senior Principal Manager Sam Wilkinson. A download link will be sent to you and the report will also be available to download from the webinar console.
Key Topics for Discussion
  • Highlights and key takeaways from Reaching Peak Performance, an IHS Markit white paper in partnership with AES Energy Storage
  • What the electric power sector and other industries can learn from how other vital networks overcome challenges in balancing supply and demand in the future
  • How the rising adoption and falling costs of energy-storage technologies are having an impact on the electric grid today
  • What role storage will play in the transformation of the electricity sector
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A


  • Sam Wilkinson, Senior Research Manager, Solar and Energy Storage, IHS Markit
  • John Zahurancik, President, AES Energy Storage
  • Allen Tatara, Manager, Webinar Events, IHS Markit (Moderator)


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