VPT releases high-temperature product line

VPT, a subsidiary of HEICO, attended the 2016 iMAPS International Conference on High Temperature Electronics (HITEC) and unveiled the new HTD Series of hybrid DC-DC converters to fill in its high temperature product portfolio. The HTD Series is ideally suitable for applications that employ extreme temperatures such as downhole oil and gas, MWD/LWD and wireline logging tools, and aircraft engine electronics.

The HTD Series is categorized in two models: isolated and non-isolated. Both isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters deliver a power output of 1.5 W. They feature a wide input voltage range, dual output voltages, soft start, short circuit protection, low output noise, undervoltage lockout, and low profile 0.27”height. The isolated HTD Series has a service operating temperature range of -55ºC to +155ºC while the non-isolated HTD Series is serviceable from -55ºC to +185ºC.

The HTD Series uses hybrid microcircuit technology and a precision projection-welded hermetic metal case for an exceptional reliability in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. This series employs thick film conductors on a ceramic substrate to incorporate the semiconductor die with passive components. A boundary mode, peak current controlled flyback topology, is also used to establish high efficiency at low power levels over a wide input voltage range.

The excellent performance of this series of DC-DC converters in extreme temperature has passed component testing, analysis, and product qualification. The HTD Series has been distinguished in its wide operating temperature range, electrical performance, temperature cycling, mechanical shock, vibration, and operating life. This series is MIL-STD-883 and ISO-9001 compliant.

Steve Butler, Advanced Product Development Director at VPT, stated, “We developed these products specifically for reliable performance in settings which are both high-temperature and rugged, testing them extensively for operating life and temperature cycling over the full temperature range as well as for mechanical shock and vibration.”

Monty Pyle, Sales and Marketing Vice President at VPT, added, “Electronics for downhole and near-engine applications must operate consistently within brutal environments. With VPT’s expertise in power supplies for space, avionics and rugged military applications, developing products for these high temperature applications is a natural extension of our high reliability product lines.”

The HTD Series of high temperature DC-DC converters are available now at the VPT website (www.vptpower.com). Unit price starts at $700-800 (USD) for large quantities. Price varies on each model and custom versions are on the market as well. See www.vptpower.com to learn more about the HTD Series and view separate datasheets of each model.

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