Vincotech’s latest sixpack modules enable smaller designs

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, announced the release of its new sixpack modules. The latest additions to the company’s flow90 line of innovative housings, the flow90PACK 0 and flow90PACK 1 are well-suited for bookshelf inverters and rack-mounted power applications. These modules make the most of PCB space to minimize the application‘s footprint.

The flow90PACK 0 and flow90PACK 1 are rated for up to 75 A and up to 1200 V. Packaged in flow90 housings, they eliminate the need for L-shaped heat sinks, cutting costs significantly. The pins on these modules are arrayed at a 90-degree angle, so there is no need for a flexible PCB. In addition, a layout with this angle between the heat sink and PCB reduces the footprint by as much as 40%. Optional clip-in versions are available for even easier assembly, that slot right into the PCB on the same side as other through-hole components. This housing comes in two sizes—flow90PACK 1 measuring 35 x 84 x 21 mm and the new 38 x 66 x 21 mm flow90PACK 0.

For more information visit www.vincotech.com/products/by-topologies.html.

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