Transphorm expands second gen GaN portfolio with lower on-resistance

Transphorm Inc., a leader in the design and manufacturing of JEDEC-qualified 650V GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors, today announced its latest portfolio addition: the TPH3212PS. Available in a TO-220 package, the device has an on-resistance of 72 mΩ and targets AC to DC and DC to AC power supplies. When used inside the former, the TPH3212PS—along with its family members—makes implementing bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) designs possible.


To date, Transphorm’s product portfolio consists of 600 V and 650 V discrete FETs spanning TO-220, TO-247, and PQFN88 packages for power levels up to 4.5 kW. The TPH3212PS fills a power level gap in the company’s second generation product line, specifically between the 52 mΩ and 110 mΩ FETs. As a result, battery charger, PV inverter, server and servo motor manufacturers gain more design flexibility with these discrete device.


The company develops its GaN in well-understood TO-XXX and PQFN88 packages. Further, the company uses the high-reliability cascode configuration, which eliminates the need for custom drivers and—most importantly—considerably increases the GaN FET’s gate safety margin. Download a detailed TPH3212PS data sheet here. Transphorm: www.transphormusa.com

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