Toshiba’s latest 40V Trench MOSFETs suit low-EMI designs

Toshiba Electronics has expanded its line-up of MOSFETs based on its latest generation U-MOS-IX-H trench semiconductor process with the ultra-compact TPH1R204PB 40V device featuring an integrated soft recovery diode, enabling it to keep the spike voltages generated between the drain and source during switching very low. This makes the MOSFET suitable for synchronous rectification in the secondary side of switching power supplies that require low EMI. Target applications include high-efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC converters as well as motor drives, for example in cordless tools.

The TPH1R204PB is an N-channel device with a maximum on resistance (RDS(ON)) of only 1.2mΩ (@ VGS = 10V). Rated output charge (QOSS) is just 56nC. The device is supplied in a SOP advance package measuring just 5mm x 6mm x 0.95mm.

For more information visit www.toshiba.semicon-storage.com

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