Toshiba launches high-resolution 40 V, 1.8 A stepping motor driver

Toshiba Electronics Europe introduces a high-voltage, high-resolution bipolar stepping motor driver with maximum ratings of 40 V and 1.8 A. The TB62269FTAG driver suits applications ranging from home appliances and industrial automation to 3D printers and ATMs.

Supplied in a QFN32 package measuring 5 x 5 x 1 mm, the device helps designers to save board space. A 1/32 step (max.) resolution contributes to reduced vibration and noise, while an on-resistance of 0.8 Ω ensures energy-efficient operation and minimized heat dissipation.

The TB62269FTAG integrates error detection and protection functionality to support equipment safety and reliability. The protection functions comprise thermal shutdown and overcurrent shutdown circuitry alongside an error detection signal output. The device is available now. Toshibawww.toshiba.semicon-storage.com/eu/company/news.html

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