The Schaffner Group introduces ecosine active sync modular active harmonic filters

With the new ecosine active sync filters FN3530/31/40/41, FN3532/42 and FN3545 Schaffner now offers a highly effective harmonic mitigation solution, especially for mixed load and dynamic load profiles. By deploying ecosine active sync filters it is possible to achieve a THID ≤ 5%. They also guarantee compliance with the toughest requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards while being the most effective and compact active harmonic filters available in the market. The filters demonstrate excellent performance over an extended temperature range (power module 0 – 50°C full performance, up to 55°C with derating). With the installation of the new ecosine active sync filters, harmonic current mitigation, reactive power compensation as well as load balancing can be efficiently achieved and international power quality standards complied with. Furthermore, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened and its utilization is much more efficient and reliable.

With their modular concept ecosine active sync filters offer a unique market leading flexibility, which enables optimal customer-tailored solutions. Ecosine active sync filter systems can be easily installed as wall-mount devices based on 60Arms power modules. These modules are available in IP20 and IP21 protection class and in 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire configurations. Two power modules in a master-slave architecture can be configured as a dedicated solution for 120Arms. The Double Power Pack (DPP) offers real 120Arms without derating up to+ 50°C. For higher current ratings, up to 5 ecosine® active sync power modules can be connected in parallel to mitigate harmonic current up to 300Arms. This can be done either as a wall-mount solution or within Schaffner’s new IP54 air-cooled cabinet.

Ecosine active sync filters FN3430/31/32 are designed for 50Hz and 60Hz, 380VAC to 400VAC 3-phase 3-wire power grid, while the FN3440741/42 is designed for 50Hz and 60Hz, 380VAC to 415VAC 3-phase 4-wire grid. Power modules and DPP are available as protection category IP20 (IP21 as an option), while cabinet versions are of IP54. All filters are CE marked and RoHS compliant. Ecosine® active sync filters are simple to install and maintain and are fully integrated in Schaffner’s popular and simple to use online power quality simulator the SchaffnerPQS3.

For more information visit impulse.schaffner.com/en/ecosine-active-sync

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