Signal Transformer unveils redesigned EcoTran Series transformers

Signal Transformer’s EcoTrans Standard Series Transformers are used to step up or step down voltage, while keeping the mains and output circuits isolated through CE Certified Reinforced Insulation. The EcoTran Series is a UL Listed product to UL 5085-1, CE Compliant backed by TUV Rhineland and meets UL Insulation Class F, as well as utilizing split bobbin construction that provides superior isolation with no exposed metallic surfaces.

With the EcoTran Series, Signal Transformer redesigned the small, linear transformer to make it compatible with next-generation functionality, while adding key safety features, including visually appealing cases which mitigate accidental contact with sharp metal surfaces. Wire ports are segregated by isolation barriers and, whether hard wired or Fast-on connected, live parts are IP20 type touch safe when connected with insulated Fast-On connectors and/or properly stripped wires, eliminating potential shock hazards.

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