SEPA’s latest energy-saving EC fan family has UL approval

SEPA EUROPE has extended its portfolio to include electronically commutated fans. Thanks to the combination of DC fans with a fully integrated AC/DC converter, AC fans can now be operated at speeds that are independent of power frequency

Up to 4500 rpm can be realized and the flow rate significantly increased if required. The EC generation in the dimensions 80mm to 280mm and with several different speeds replaces the previous AC fans in situtations where there is no DC voltage available and requires less power in the process. The previous AC fans can be replaced without restriction as the EC fans have identical dimensions and thickness.

The versions that are smaller than 180mm have a wide-range input and can be connected without problem, worldwide to all AC voltage networks without need for further adaptation. This is underlined by the UL approval of the entire fan series.

For more information visit www.sepa-europe.com.

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