Samsung challenges EV industry at Frankfurt Auto Show

This year’s Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA 2017) is currently going on, with multiple companies unveiling technology for better and more functional electric and hybrid vehicles. Among the announcements causing buzz are from Samsung SDI, who showcased advanced customized battery technology enabling increased vehicle interior space as well as improved efficiency and performance. This multifunctional battery pack gives developers the ability to adjust module counts like a child’s building blocks. This allows a modular approach to vehicle range within a fleet, for example.

Samsung SDI also showcased their “Low Height Cell” technology, that reduces height by over 20%. This of course lends directly to increased interior space. EV’s don’t have a transmission tunnel as it is, so just as in audio, lowering the floor gives you an effective volume increase. Manufacturers are extremely keen to heighten (pun intended) the paradigm-changing aspect of how EV interiors can be deployed compared to the restricted space of a car built around the logistic requirements of fuel storage, drivetrain clearance, and operator orientation.

For more information visit www.samsungsdi.com

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