Safety I/Os tout compact format

the modular Remote I/O System from LTI Motion creates space and meets the requirements of the machine builder in all phases of the machine life cycle. Many decentralised extension modules exist for the connection of sensors and actuators. But only a few provide a narrow module design of 11.5 mm. The reduction in size of the cabinet due to the high current-carrying capacity and thus small number of power supply modules required is also supported.

Due to the layer structure of the modules, the innovative mechanical concept provides tremendous advantages for the installation and service. Thereby, the same base modules provide assembly without tools and enables simple replacement. Status LEDs directly on the channel and on each RIO module enable reliable diagnostics and fast service. The simple handling is completed by the plug-in electronics function modules and the folding terminal level with configurable mating connectors. An expansion by IP67 modules is also available in the system and thus multiplies the possible applications.

The safety modules included in the RIO System comply with the SIL3 requirements according to IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PL e and are managed via EtherCAT FSoE by the central safety control system. Modules with up to eight safe inputs and mix modules enable an efficient and compact design.

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