Reliable, fast, efficient Li-ion battery charging solutions for eBikes

With the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation, electric bicycles (eBikes) are becoming increasingly popular. Certain countries have even passed laws to encourage the adoption of eBikes. For example, on August 30, 2016 the China Ministry of Environment (MEP) issued their final China IV emission standards for motorcycles and mopeds. The China IV standard sets the world’s most stringent exhaust emission limits for gasoline motorcycles and mopeds. Many of these new laws also set weight requirements for lighter bikes, creating the need for smaller batteries and highly efficient chargers.

Power Integrations’ mid-range power conversion IC product families, TopSwitch-JX, HiperPFS, HiperTFS, and HiperLCS, deliver the highest efficiency and lowest component count solutions for charging Li-ion battery operated eBikes. Design features include current limiting and thermal shutdown (with automatic fault recovery capability) to improve reliability, frequency jittering to reduce EMI and high switching frequency significantly reduces the magnetic size.

Please visit Power Integrations’ eBikes microsite for product details and to download the latest reference designs.

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