Powerbox’s battery backup system accelerates railway modernization

Powerbox announced the launch of its second generation Battery Backup Unit System (BBU-S) to support the modernization of railway networks and industrial applications that require flexible power backup systems with extended monitoring and control. The BBU-S comprises an industry standard 19-inch rack unit with sub-modules. System-wise, the BBU-S includes an active power factor corrected input, micro controlled smart charging, automatic battery test, output distribution and several control and monitoring signals.

Available with AC or DC input voltage and able to charge and control multiple battery pack configurations, The BBU-S starts at 340W and is available up to 1200W. For remote monitoring and control, the BBU-S offers multiple options such as LAN interface, a radio communications module (GSM, 3G, LTE) and can be reconfigured to match specific demands as needed for different applications.

The BBU-S power supplies are enclosed in metal cases with individual components being protected by conformal coating and delivering a regulated voltage to the signaling equipment. The BBU-S also incorporates a power supply backup system with monitoring and control, ensuring that batteries are always operational. To guarantee an ‘always-on’ condition, the BBU-S includes dual redundancy battery strings.

Designed for flexibility, the PRBX BBU-S provides a smart power solution to any system and can be configured to accommodate different bus-voltages, for example 24, 36 or 120VDC. The AC input system operates within the range of 185 to 253VAC, but due to the modular design concept and plug-and-play modules, the input is able to comply with any type of voltage, AC or DC, as well as voltage range.

The BBU-S is built in two 3U 19 inch racks containing the power supplies, charger and control unit on the top, and battery switches, inverter block and alarm switches in the bottom rack. The BBU-S is designed to meet industrial standards and regulations including: EN60950, UL60950, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61000-3-2, EN50125-3, EN50124-4, LVD and RoHS.

For more information visit www.prbx.com

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