PowerAmerica announces its 2017 Call for Projects

Through its member organizations and other industry affiliations, PowerAmerica is seeking projects related to wide-bandgap power technology. These projects include foundry and device development, module development and manufacturing, commercialization applications, and education and workforce development programs. The concept paper should be submitted as a single PDF document plus a PowerPoint file. Only one concept paper per division/site will be accepted from any business organization.
Multiple faculty from a single university may submit concept papers. Only one concept paper per faculty may be submitted. After review of the concept papers, PowerAmerica will give applicants a simple “Encourage” or “Discourage” recommendation for submitting a Full Proposal.
Projects are expected to produce tangible results including qualified devices, operating hardware, or products that can be transitioned to U.S. manufacturing. Paper studies or engineering analyses are not suitable for this program. All university technical projects are required to involve two undergraduate students in the work plan. Concept papers over the designated page limit and not conforming to the stated format will not be accepted.
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