Power supply IC for car audio applications

Today, in order to keep up with our fast-paced world, people need automobiles for regular use. Whether used as public or personal transportation, they offer convenience and a quicker mode of travel. Automobiles bring us to different places, be it a short trip around town to run errands or a longer trip to work. With the growing demands of these automobiles also comes the rising need for new advanced features, usability, and reliability. Among these features are reduced power and fuel consumption that come with the expanding functionality of car infotainment systems.

ROHM, a global manufacturer of a broad range of electronic products and semiconductors, has developed a solution to meet such demands, particularly in the car audio application. It introduces a multi-channel power supply IC used mainly for automotive power management that provides a high-efficiency car audio power system. This helps achieve an optimized system that reduces power consumption by 65% over conventional products.

The new power supply IC highlights the following features:

  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Integrated 7 channels of Power Supply for Car Audio
    • 2 DCDC (Integrated 1 Controller)
    • 5 REG
  • 1 High Side Switch channel
  • Integrated Low Power Standby REG for MCU Power Supply
  • REG4 Cable Impedance Compensation
  • I2C Interface
  • Selectable Oscillation Frequency using External Resistance
  • External Clock Synchronization
  • Power Supply Control Function (Power on/off Sequencer)
  • Low Voltage, Over Voltage and REG4 Over Current Detect Flag

The BD49101AEFS-M is composed of two switching power supplies (DC/DC), five regulators (REG), and a single high side switch. With all these combined  in a single power supply system, the IC can deliver all necessary supply voltages to the car’s MCU, CD, tuner, USB, illumination, audio circuits, and other features.

This single chip power supply operates based on a switching regulator with superior conversion efficiency and supports boost, buck, and negative voltage operation. During normal operation, the device operates as a DC/DC converter and switches to a linear regulator in the event of a decreased load current.

The BD49101AEFS-M also features an impedance compensation function for charging USB devices. The built-in function is responsible for maintaining the end voltage of the cable in order to minimize the charging time.

The BD49101AEFS-M is furnished in a space-saving surface-mount package with a small backside heatsink. The heatsink helps the device to suppress heat that shortens the life of any integrated circuits and eliminate additional heat busting measures without sacrificing its operating capabilities.

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