POL regulators power next generation servers

Exar Corporation introduces a couple of new 15A and 20A point-of-load (POL) step-down buck switching regulators that uses the latest generation of Exar’s patented emulated current mode constant on-time (COT) control, XR76116 and XR76120. These devices are designed for fast transient response needed in rigorous server applications that needs simple and easy implementation. XR76116 and XR76120 offers an improved gate driver technology that reduces dead times to up to 10ns, resulting in improved efficiency across the entire operating range.

XR76116 and XR76120 extends the output current range of Exar’s PowerBloxTM line of high current POL regulators to as high as 20A. Because these devices take advantage of the latest generation patented COT control, operation with ceramic output capacitors  is enabled without issues in degradation in transient performance. In the same way, a simpler and more reliable design is achieved with COT control because it eliminates loop compensation components in the system.



  • 15A and 20A step-down regulators
    • 4.5V to 5.5V low VIN operation
    • 5V to 22V wide single input voltage
    • 3V to 22V operation with external 5V bias
    • ≥0.6V adjustable output voltage
  • Proprietary constant on-time control
    • No loop compensation required
    • Ceramic output capacitor stable operation
    • Programmable 70ns-1μs on-time
    • Constant 200kHz-1MHz frequency
    • Selectable CCM or CCM/DCM operation
  • Power-good flag with low impedance when power removed
  • Precision enable
  • Programmable soft-start
  • 5mm x 6mm QFN package


“The XR76116 and XR76120 POL regulators show Exar’s commitment to its key customers and the server market,” said Tuomas Hollman, Exar’s vice president, power management products.  “These are the second set of power products Exar has developed for the server market. The Universal PMIC, XRP7725, was the first product also used in Skylake servers.”

These Synchronous Step-Down COT Regulators can be used in server, as well as in applications using a distributed power architecture in tehir system. XR76116 and XR76120 can also be used in FPGAs, DSPs, and other signal processing components. Devices that require POL converters can also take advantage of the device. In Telecommunication, XR76116 and XR76120 can be used in Base stations, switches/routers.

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