Panasonic’s ETQ-P3M automotive power inductors tout high heat and vibration resistance

Panasonic Industry Europe is launching new highly-reliable power inductors for automotive and other demanding applications that require a high heat (up to +150°C including self-heating) and vibration resistance (up to 30G). Benefiting from a shielded construction, the low-profile (only 3mm maximum height), devices exhibit excellent inductance and temperature stability over a broad temperature range, as well as low audible (buzz) noise, well-suited for high-frequency switching systems over 2MHz.

With a metal composite core, the ETQ-P3MxxxHFx series power choke coils are AEC-Q200 compliant ensuring optimal quality and reliability for use applications like noise filters for drive circuitries, DC to DC converters, buck converters, boost converters, and LED driver applications especially for high frequency switching systems.

For more information visit: www.industrial.panasonic.com

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