NKK releases simplified SmartSwitch development kits

NKK Switches, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switching devices, released 10 new development kits for its line of programmable SmartSwitch products. The simplified engineering development kits will serve as a starting point for engineers to test and design integration of the SmartSwitch into a variety of applications.

The new engineering development kits for SmartSwitch are offered in a variety of product combinations. These combinations showcase how the products can be programmed to interact and include the monochrome and full color OLED Series, the 64×32 LCD Pushbutton, the 64×32 LCD Compact Pushbutton, the 64×32 LCD Display, and a variety of 36×24 LCD Pushbuttons and Displays.

NKK’s SmartSwitch combines a pushbutton or rocker switch with a fully programmable OLED or LCD display for a space saving, simplified, multi-function device. The SmartSwitch family of graphic devices are the smallest multicolor modules available off the shelf and can be specified in OLED or LCD; single, bi-color, or RGB LED backlight. They are available in standard or high resolution.

Each kit includes schematics, firmware, software source codes, on-board memory, and a USB connection. In addition, an auxiliary I/O port for user-design extensions is included.

For more information visit www.nkkswitches.com.

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