Tripp Lite’s 3-phase rack ATS PDUs granted U.S. patent

Tripp Lites announced that its innovative line of 3-phase rack-mount Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Power Distribution Units (PDUs) has been granted U.S. Patent No. 9,467,006.

These 1U rack-mount ATS units work with compatible 0U PDUs to deliver up to 17.3 kW of redundant 208V AC power to data center servers, computers and network equipment. The ATS units also feature a network interface for remote power monitoring.

Providing redundant power to high-density, high-wattage server racks can be challenging and costly. The traditional solution for 208V server racks above 5 kW has been to connect redundant 3-phase rack PDUs to redundant power supplies in each server. Tripp Lite’s patented 3-phase switching solution combines the speed of solid-state switching with the efficiency of electromechanical relay switching to create new 3-phase rack ATS solutions.

For high-density, clustered server environments, this new technology delivers high reliability, high efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Key Features:

·         Dual inputs for connection to primary and secondary 3-phase power sources

·         Hybrid solid-state switching for reliable high-speed transfer in 1 to 5 milliseconds

·         ATS processor for evaluating power source quality

·         Operational efficiency greater than 99%

·         Digital load meter and status LEDs for local monitoring

·         Built-in network interface for remote monitoring

“The benefits of this innovative patented technology go far beyond cost savings,” said David Slotten, Tripp Lite Vice President of Product Marketing. “Our 3-phase rack ATS PDUs simplify network management, reduce rack congestion and decrease power needs and the associated CO2 emissions, too, giving data center designers added flexibility at a lower cost.”

For more information on these ATS PDUs, visit: Tripp Lite Patented 3-Phase Rack ATS PDUs.

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