Flyback transformer targets high-temperature automotive and industrial applications

TT Electronics announced the market introduction of its HA00-10043ALFTR flyback transformer. Offering high voltage isolation between primary and secondary windings, coupled with AEC-Q200 Grade 0 automotive certification, and an operating temperature specification of -40°C to 155°C, this transformer is suitable for harsh automotive and industrial environments, such as near a vehicle’s powertrain.

The HA00-10043ALFTR is specifically designed to comply with the regulatory safety requirements stipulated for use with Broadcom (Avago) ACPL-32JT and ACPL-302J optocoupler ICs. Additionally, the superior quality of TT Electronics’ magnetics products ensures a high saturation current capability and low leakage inductance performance. Together with the transformer’s small 12.0 mm x 12.5 mm footprint and low 6.3 mm profile, these features provide the perfect solution for high efficiency DC/DC converter applications.

The miniature construction of the HA00-10043ALFTR uses a compact wound bobbin mounted on a 10‑pin small-outline (SO) style IC package that enables convenient surface mount assembly. It is supplied in tape and reel packaging in reel quantities of 550 pieces.

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