Mornsun QAxx1 DC/DC converter series specialized for IGBT driver

The QAxx1 series dc/dc converters are offered in SIP packages and target IGBT drivers. The series integrates driving ICs and provides +15/-8.0 Vdc asymmetrical output voltages. The 120-mA output current helps meet a wider power requirement for IGBTs.


The dc/dc converter series features 12, 15, and 24 Vdc inputs, efficiency up to 81%, an operating temperature of -40° to +105°C, 6 pF isolation capacitance, a 1,000 μF max. capacitive load, and 3,000 Vac isolation. Mornsun America: https://www.mornsunamerica.com/html/product/Power-Module-for-IGBT-Driver.html




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