Modules suitable for both soft- and hard-switching applications

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, today announced the launch of the new fastPACK 0 MOS and fastPACK 1 MOS. Ultra efficient, reliable and robust, they are perfect for charger, SMPS and welding applications.

These new modules feature a cost-effective H-bridge topology with MOSFETs and integrated capacitors in a rugged housing, which makes them suitable for both soft- and hard-switching applications. The fastPACK 0 MOS module is rated for 650 V / 80 mΩ and fastPACK 1 MOS for 40 mΩ – 20 mΩ. Both come with integrated fast body diodes that enable ZVS for improved efficiency. They also provide limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation, thereby improving reliability and reducing EMI.

This one module is packaged in the low-inductive 35 x 37 mm flow 0 housing; the other in the 36 x 82 mm flow 1 housing. These two products feature reduced turn-on and turn-off delay times for easier controlling and less design effort.

To learn more about Vincotech’s fastPACK 0+1 MOS modules, visit: http://www.vincotech.com/fastPACK-0-1-MOS.

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