Microchip’s power line communication modem streamlines deployment of smart energy equipment

With the uptick in smart grid infrastructure adoption globally, utilities are seeking ways to improve reliability and performance of smart meters to address multiple markets. To meet utilities’ growing needs, equipment manufacturers dedicate extensive resources developing different versions of products based on existing and emerging industry-standard Power Line Communication (PLC) protocols. Microchip Technology introduced a flexible PLC modem that can support multiple standard and proprietary protocols in the frequency band up to 500 kHz, enabling manufacturers to address different end-customer regulations, markets and operational requirements. The single device can be adapted simply with firmware, significantly reducing development costs and time to market.

Designed to address PLC protocols such as ITU G.9903 (G3-PLC) and ITU G.9904 (PRIME), as well as CENELEC, FCC and ARIB compliant applications, the PL360B is the latest device in Microchip’s portfolio of industry-leading smart energy products. The PL360B modem comes with reference designs for adding a PLC interface to any end-customer application requiring connectivity, including smart meters, lighting, home automation, building automation and remote control. Additional benefits of using a PL360B modem is its efficient use of power, offering an improvement in power consumption over previous generations, and a Class D amplification scheme that optimizes the modem transmission efficiency further.

For more information visit www.microchip.com/PL360B

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