LAPP presents new power chain cables at the 2018 Hannover Messe

LAPP’s brand families ÖLFLEX and UNITRONIC are growing. The company presented robust and cost-effective connection solutions for power chains at the 2018 Hannover Messe.

Robust thanks to the PU special mixture by LAPP
They can endure a lot: The highly-flexible ÖLFLEX CHAIN 819 P control cables and the shielded variant ÖLFLEX CHAIN 819 CP have a robust and especially oil-resistant outer sheath made from an innovative PU special mixture by LAPP. The basic line performance class cables are suitable for up to five million alternating bending cycles with moderate travel distances or acceleration, the abrasion-resistant sheath ensures a long maintenance interval for the drag chain. Despite this, the cables are very cost-effective. They replace the two previous basic line power chain cables, the ÖLFLEX CHAIN 808 P and ÖLFLEX CHAIN 808 CP.

An additional benefit of the new sheath material is the improved flame-retardant property. This is required for certification in accordance with UL/cUL AWM. This is used for the approval of cables in both North America and Europe, for voltages of both 600 volts and 1000 volts. This is particularly good news for export-based mechanical engineers as they can reduce their stock.

PROFINET-compliant and heat resistant
LAPP completes its extensive range of PROFINET-compliant 24 V power cables with the highly-flexible ÖLFLEX CHAIN PN connecting cable. It can be used to connect PROFINET distributors and switches. It is part of the LAPP basic line performance class and is designed for low to medium stress in power chains in harsh environments. Neither oil nor heat can harm it – the PVC sheath withstands temperatures of up to +90 degrees Celsius and it is flame-retardant. It thereby complies with the requirements for the UL/cUL certification for North America. The ÖLFLEX CHAIN PN targets the automotive and/or its supplier industry, who value PROFINET-compliant components in their plants.

Special insulation for high data rates
The new low-frequency data cable UNITRONIC FD Li 2YCY (TP) A provides high data rates over long distances. Its secret is the insulation of the cores with low-capacity and low-loss special PE instead of the conventional PVX core insulation. The cores are also twisted in pairs and the copper shielding protects against electromagnetic interference. As a result, the new cable is ideally suitable for data transmission in measurement, control and regulation technology. Thanks to the black sheath made from special PVC, the cable is UV and ozone-resistant, meaning that it is also suitable for outdoor use, it is also less expensive than the shielded and twisted data cable UNITRONIC® FD CP (TP) plus with polyurethane sheath.

For more information visit www.lappkabel.de

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