Kyma unveils high-quality 200-mm GaN on QST templates

Kyma Technologies, a leading developer of advanced wide-bandgap semiconductor materials technologies, announced it has used its new K200 hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) growth tool to produce high quality 200-mm diameter HVPE GaN on QST (QROMIS Substrate Technology) templates.

The announcement of Kyma’s development of 200-mm diameter GaN on QST® templates follows its announcement in 2016 of its demonstration of 150-mm diameter GaN on QST® templates in partnership with QROMIS, Inc. (formerly Quora Technology, Inc.) and its recent announcement of the commissioning of Kyma’s K200™ HVPE growth tool.

Pictured is one of the demonstrated 200-mm diameter HVPE GaN on QST templates which consists of 10 microns of HVPE GaN grown on a 5 micron MOCVD GaN on QST wafer provided by QROMIS. X-ray diffraction rocking curve linewidths for the templates fall in the range of 250 and 330 arc-sec for the symmetric {002) and asymmetric {102} XRD peaks, respectively, which is consistent with high structural quality. Low wafer bow (~50 microns) and smooth surface morphology suggest these materials should support high performance device manufacturing.

Kyma’s newly constructed K200™ HVPE tool represents a first for the industry and was designed by Kyma engineers to enable uniform and rapid growth of high quality GaN on a number of different substrates. Kyma and Qromis are partnered for this work under a Kyma-led US DOE Phase IIB SBIR with award number DE-SC0009653.

QROMIS recently began manufacturing 200-mm QST® substrates and GaN-on-QST® wafers using its foundry partner Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS). VIS is planning to offer GaN power device manufacturing services on 8-inch diameter QST® platform in 2018. Kyma is also teamed with a world-class semiconductor equipment OEM to manufacture K200™ HVPE tools for customers who prefer to bring Kyma’s leading HVPE GaN growth process in-house.

For more information about Kyma, visit www.kymatech.com

For more information about QROMIS, visit http://www.qromis.com

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