iST begins MOSFET wafer backend process integrated services

Integrated Service Technology (iST) announced its entry into the MOSFET Wafer backend process integrated services. iST has already done the trial run for more than 20 customers from the domestic and overseas markets, including major wafer foundry houses, international IDMs and IC designers by the end of Q1 2018, with small production kicking off in Q2.

iST’s chairman Danny Yu said, that iST has decided to tap into the MOSFET wafer process field, mainly because when iST has gradually become the leading automotive verification laboratory, the company has found the lack of wafer thinning and surface process services available for customers between the foundry and packaging operations. So iST started wondering if they could fill up this missing part, which provides not only services including wafer thinning and surface process services, but WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale package), CP(chip probing) and DPS (Die Processing Service), so that to speed up the delivery of MOSFET components and reduce the risk of wafer transport.

Tony Liu, iST’s assistant vice president of surface process engineering R&D department, said the new services available not only for mainstream 8-inch but 6-inch wafers, including front side metallization (FSM), BGBM wafer thinning, backside grinding (BG) and backside metallization (BM). What is worth mentioning that iST is the only source in current market which is capable to provide both electroless-plating and sputtering services specific to FSM, so as to create the integrated solution for customers.

Yu further said, iST’s wafer backend process integrated services additionally combine downward services including WLCSP, CP and DPS in cooperation with iST’s subsidiary, Innovative Turnkey Solution (ITS), so that to provide an one-stop MOSFET backend solution to customers with benefits like speeding up the delivery of MOSFET components and reducing the risk of wafer transport.

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