Isabellenhütte repositions itself to better address US markets

A leader in the field of shunt-based current measurement technology, Isabellenhütte is changing the name of U.S. distribution specialist Isotek, acquired in 2010,  to Isabellenhütte USA in order to strengthen the group brand in the United States. The acquisition strengthened the company’s position in the North American automotive industry, among others. The rebranding of Isotek underlines Isabellenhütte’s international marketing strategy and reinforces the Isabellenhütte brand in the United States.


The main importer and exclusive distribution partner for Isabellenhütte products in the U.S. for nearly thirty years, Isotek’s operations are focused on the distribution of precision measurement technology, precision resistors, and precision alloys. Isabellenhütte USA will continue to offer the same high quality of service under its new guise.

For more information visit www.isabellenhuette.de

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