Infineon’s integrated SVID- and PVID-enabled regulators claim highest efficiency and smallest solution size

Infineon Technologies introduced their latest Integrated Point-of-Load (IPOL) family, which combines ease of use with high power density. Presented as the first fully-integrated regulator with PMBUS, SVID and PVID functionality for powering Intel CPU POL rails, chipsets and ASIC/FPGA, the devices offer 50% space saving compared to alternative external power solutions, the smallest solution size of its class.

The IR38163/5 and IR38363/5 are tailored for powering Intel V ccio and V cmp rails, and Intel-based Server applications which require SVID support. The devices do not require pre-programming as they are pre-configured for Intel requirements and addresses. IR38263/5 offers 3-bit parallel VID (PVID) for powering Intel chipset P VNN rails and FPGA. It is ideal for Telecom applications which require constant frequency operation, and NetCom and Storage applications that require extensive PMBus, accurate V out, and ultra-low ripple.

This family of IPOL devices takes advantage of the benchmark efficiency of the OptiMOS 5. Additionally, the small 7 mm x 7 mm PQFN package with Cu clip allows the devices to operate at up to 30 A, at high frequency with minimal airflow. Pin compatible options are available with and without PMBus support. The family features Infineon’s PWM engine, which provides ultra-low ripple and jitter. They minimize noise and increase control bandwidth while requiring fewer capacitors than other design options. True differential voltage sensing, wide margining range and a 0.5 % V ref accuracy work together to deliver a V out accuracy greater than 1%.

For more information visit www.infineon.com/optimos_digital_ipol.

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