High power density and extra wide input bricks meet demands of railway

Powerbox introduces two board mounted DC/DC converters to power industrial and railway applications. The PQB50U-72S is a 12: 1 (14 to 160 V) input converter and the PFB600W-110S delivers 600 W. The wide-input PQB50U-72S delivers 50 W in quarter brick packaging, enabling power designers addressing EN50155 applications to use one unit to cover all bus voltages. In full brick packaging, the 600-W PFB600W-110S features a 4:1 input voltage range of 43 to 160 V, accommodating 72, 96 and 110-V bus voltages. Both products operate from -40°C to +100°C case temperature, targeting construction vehicles, mining equipment and heavy machinery process control.

In Demanding Industry and the forthcoming Industry 4.0 applications, system designers have to guarantee full performance in a multitude of applications operating from 24 to 72 V and fixed industrial battery backup systems using 110 V in which quality of the line is often disturbed. In those applications, the PQB50U-72S is designed to sustain a high level of line disturbance from 14 to a 200-V/100-ms surge. It is available in a standardized DOSA quarter-brick package, and is available in four output voltages (5 V/6 A ; 12 V/4.2 A ; 24 V/2.1 A and 48 V/1.05 A). It includes short circuit and over-voltage protection, meets UL60950-1-2nd edition basic insulation and meets the EN50155 (EN61373) shock and vibration standard. The converter has an efficiency of 86% and includes an aluminum baseplate to fix a heatsink or mount it directly to a cold-wall or chassis. It provides an isolation voltage of 3,000 Vdc (min) between input/output, 1,500 Vdc input/case, and 1,500 Vdc output to case.

Designed and optimized for railway 110 V systems, the PFB600W-110S can be operated from 43 up to 160-V input, sustaining 180-V/100- ms surge voltage. The input range targets international railway applications. Packaged in an industry standard full-brick, the PFB600W-110S is available in four output voltages (12 V/50 A ; 24 V/25 A ; 28 V/21.4 A and 48 V/12.5A) with an output power up to 600 W. It operates at a fixed switching frequency of 250 kHz and includes a PI-type input filter. The converter includes current limiting, continuous short-circuit protection, under/over-voltage lockout and an over-temperature protection with thermal shutdown with automatic recovery. It features input/output and input/case isolation of 2,500-Vdc and 500-Vdc output/case. Additional information: https://www.prbx.com/product/pfb600w-110s-series/ and https://www.prbx.com/product/pqb50u-72s-series/ Powerbox: www.prbx.com

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