Helix Semi’s eMpower HS200 DC-DC power IC empowers ‘Zero Power’ designs

Fabless power semiconductor company Helix Semiconductors announced sampling of their HS200 DC-DC power IC, able to convert 48V to extremely low voltage. The new IC offers greater than 97% efficiency at 2.6W, and greater than 90% efficiency at 15W, making it one of the most energy-efficient-per-density solutions available. The HS200 is the latest addition to the eMpower family, joining the HS100 AC-DC chipset announced earlier this year.

The power supply industry is adopting a goal of ‘Zero Power’ systems with a draw of less than or equal to 5mW in standby mode, and it is quickly becoming the gold standard for efficient power supplies. The no-load rating of the HS200 is only 0.5mW, which significantly exceeds Zero Power requirements. Using Helix Semiconductors’ MuxCapacitor voltage-reduction technology, the HS200 can achieve unprecedented high efficiency and to stay nearly flat from full load down to 5% load.

Target applications for the HS200 include Power over Ethernet products such as wireless access points, security cameras, IoT gateways, and VoIP phones, as well as 48V input telecom and data center blades and electric and hybrid vehicles. The HS200 also targets products with 24V inputs, such as HVAC systems and industrial controllers. The flexible device can perform voltage conversions on input voltage ranging from 12V to 48V with output voltage as low as 1.5V.

For more information visit www.helixsemiconductors.com

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