Fulham introduces universal-voltage LED canopy retrofit kit

Fulham, a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, introduced a Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit to illuminate locations such as service stations, parking garage, entryways, walkways, and other areas where LED lighting presents a cost-effective alternative to metal halide and other types of traditional light sources.

The new Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit offers a high-power factor with low total harmonic distortion (THD) and can be used for installations requiring 120V to 227V, making it a good replacement option for applications with up to 250W HID currently installed. Suitable for both damp and dry locations, the kit also features integrated thermal management for optimal performance and reliability, and has been tested to operate at temperatures ranging from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit uses optical lenses to direct the beam at a 160-degree angle, making it ideal for parking garage, walkways and perimeter lighting.

Fulham’s retrofit kits are designed to offer the same aesthetics as the original fixture, but with a lower cost to retrofit resulting in lower power consumption and longer fixture performance. For example, the Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit features a 65W to 15W programmable driver for lower power consumption, and has five programmable settings for multiple lumen output options (preset by Fulham at the time of order). The Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit is UL classified for field installation and normally can be installed in 5 to 10 minutes per kit.


For more information visit www.fulham.com.

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