Flexible low battery voltage start unit targets rail use

The Powerbox Group will showcase its Low Battery Voltage Start (LBVS) series of products and technologies for rail applications at InnoTrans 2016 from September 20 – 23 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Designed to reduce time to market and meet specific rail industry requirements, the new technology platform is flexible and adjusts to performance and parameters. The product is used to supply on-board electronics equipment when the main battery is below the minimum operating voltage. The LBVS takes power from the traction-voltage line (700 Vdc to 1,500 Vdc), converts the high-voltage to an intermediate bus voltage of 110 Vdc, and guarantees a stable voltage from a period of 2 s up to 60 minutes and sustains a peak current specific to the application.


The LBVS is one of a number of products for railway applications such as rolling stock propulsion systems including IGBT control, brake control, computers, drivers cabin power displays and communication systems, the traveler’s cabin AC-power for charging, information displays, and entertainment systems, bistro microwaves, coffee machines, cash registers, side-computers, battery charging and system power generation, charging devices for electrical motor starting brake magnetizing in towing applications, zero-volt start applications , signalling and track side applications. Find more information at: ENR280 https://www.prbx.com/product/enr280d1500-series/ and ENAR150D https://www.prbx.com/product/enar150d-series/.  Powerbox  www.prbx.com   

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