Face launches batteryless smart suitcases using energy-harvesting tech

The Face Companies of Norfolk, Virginia, announced a novel smart suitcases called EverTrack, a battery-free solution can be wirelessly tracked,  can weigh itself, and open and close locks by remote control. Unlike luggage that depends on batteries, which run down and can also, in some cases, explode, these suitcases use Face’s  Evercell power cell to operate without batteries, in virtually any temperature environment.

The Evercell is a lightweight, thin, permanent energy source that Face will be bringing to market for this application through its EverTrack Luggage Technologies spinoff.
Evercell power cells are passive-structure, semiconductor-based thermal energy harvesters that exploit principles of quantum physics to produce a small, continuous flow of electric power in virtually any setting. They consume no fuel, have no moving parts, contain no toxic materials, and require no exposure to other stimuli, including motion, pressure, RF or electromagnetic energy.

The Evercell promises to eliminate the need for batteries in a broad array of low-power sensors, embedded circuits and wireless communicating devices. One of the most exciting near-term applications of Evercell is this smart suitcase application, which is a rapidly expanding product line within the $30 billion luggage industry. In a report originally published last year, smart suitcase sales were expected to increase at an annual rate of more than 25% for the next five years.

Since Evercell power cells are non-toxic and non-explosive and operate nonstop, they never need to be removed or changed. They can be integrated into a smart suitcase or other product at its manufacture and remain there for the lifetime of the tracked article. Beyond the safety issue, the baggage handling industry recognizes that even the highest technology standards now broadly employed such as barcodes and RFIDs are not a satisfactory solution for handling the billions of bags checked every year. Only a battery-free wireless tracking system that does not require the scanning of each individual piece of baggage will do.

For more information visit FaceCompanies.com

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