Eltek’s Flatpack2 SHE power conversion module uses Infineon’s CoolGaN tech

In close co-operation with Infineon Technologies, Eltek engineers have reduced losses by as much as 50% while further improving reliability and total cost of ownership in their Flatpack2 SHE, a new Super High Efficient power conversion module in the Flatpack2 family. Eltek leveraged HE technology with CoolGaN from Infineon to reach up to 98% efficiency in the devices. Examples of the energy savings are illustrated by these examples where early versions of the 92%-efficient Flatpack 2 were replaced with Flatpack 2 SHE:

-Single mobile base station in Italy, 6 kW load – annual saving: € 576.00
-Central office site in UK, 250 kW load – annual saving: £ 18,350.00

“We always seek to stay ahead of the game on technology, and the ability to take on game changing technology like the CoolGaN from Infineon is key to achieve this goal. Besides the efficiency improvement, this technology brings improved reliability as well as manufactureability and other advantages that will enable us to continue to spearhead this industry,” said Erik Myhre, Senior R&D Manager at Eltek.

For more information visit www.infineon.com/GaN

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