Eaton CC12H fuses are the hidden power in automotive

With more and more tech innovations and amenities in demand by car buyers, the need for overcurrent protection inside the automobile is increasingly important for convenience and safety. Suppliers of infotainment, back-up camera, instrumentation and engine control systems rely on Eaton to deliver solutions that protect their customers and the life cycle of the product. Eaton’s automotive experience, fast and accurate technical support, and innovative development of products result in the ability to supply solutions to meet customers’ timelines and avoid launch delays.

A recent Eaton customer required overcurrent protection in a module where short circuits could lead to connector damage and potential fire, but needed to do so while avoiding any premature openings due to normal current inrushes for an application that required AEC-Q200 qualified components. Eaton analyzed the customer’s inrush currents and circuit and advised a CC12H fuse that allowed for the higher current inrushes even at the maximum temperature (125C) while providing robust overcurrent protection to prevent connector damage. Key considerations for selecting the CC12H fuse included:

  • Smaller size – reduces circuit layout area
  • High in-rush withstand capabilities – reduces risk of “nuisance” openings
  • Low temperature de-rating – increases protection against overcurrents at high and low temperatures
  • Mechanically robust package – to withstand high vibration environments found in automotive applications
  • Full current range offering – allows proper current rating selection to maximize protection against overcurrents
  • Eaton’s stringent product testing standards, ability to provide support and technical guidance in product selection

With the assistance of Eaton, the supplier was able to meet its customer’s protection requirements and confidently move forward with the development and launch of their new automotive module. Car owners from major global auto manufacturers are the ultimate beneficiaries of Eaton’s expertise and reliability.

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