DDC unveils COTS 270VDC/150A, 12-channel power controller

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduced a new MIL-STD-704F compliant 12-channel, 270VDC, 150A Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC) offering programmability, system health diagnostic and prognostic data, and high power density in a compact and rugged form factor. Available as a standard off-the-shelf product, DDC’s 270VDC SSPC (RP-28001000N0) offers significant time to market advantages, while eliminating the costs and risks associated with a custom developed solution.

One of the many benefits of utilizing a COTS SSPC, like the RP-28001000N0, is that customers receive a high Technical Readiness Level (TRL) solution, ensuring reliable, SWaP optimized operation without the need for time consuming customization and subsequent qualification efforts. Furthermore, DDC’s COTS solutions support long-life cycles, through a proactive approach to obsolescence management.

The RP-28001000N0 employs DDC’s battle proven technology, with more than 1,000,000 nodes installed on military and aerospace systems since 1988, including on the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). DDC SSPCs have a 25X improved MTBF compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, with moving parts which are more prone to failure. They also provide real-time health and diagnostic data, enabling improved mission uptime, safety and longevity through preventative and automated maintenance. Additionally, DDC’s industry leading smart power management solutions enable network control, programmability, and autonomous operation — simplifying vehicle control and freeing crew members’ time, so they can concentrate on mission critical tasks.

For more information visit www.ddc-web.com/Products/629/Default.aspx

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