Customcells launches cobalt-free cathode active material

Customcells’ LFMP (lithium-iron-manganese-phosphate) material provides a combination of high specific capacity, high power capability and safety. In comparison to LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) the material can be charged up to 4.25 V when combined with graphite anodes. This leads to a 0.5 V higher nominal voltage of the cells when compared to LFP. However, the material is free of toxic metals like cobalt or nickel and displays the same safety features as LFP.

LFMP has a specific capacity of about 150 mAh/g, which is comparable to LFP and much higher as other cobalt free materials like LMO (lithium-manganese-spinel) or LMNO (lithium-manganese-nickel-oxide). Furthermore, LFMP shows a high rate capability. For a 1.0 mAh/cm² high power electrode in a full cell with graphite anode about 80% of initial capacity can be gained at 7C discharge rate. Also charging rates up to 3C are possible in full cells.LFMP combines high energy, harmlessness and long term stability. Available as electrode foils and cells in various layouts special customized for your application, test cells without electrolyte are also available.


For more information visit www.customcells.de

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