BRIDG collaboration to create battery-free IoT wireless sensors

BRIDG, an industry-led public-private partnership for advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, announced a collaboration with Face International in the development and integration of a patented energy-harvesting technology – the Evercell power cell – that is capable of powering wireless IoT sensors without batteries. Evercell technology employs a novel design using advanced materials to harvest thermal energy in any environment where the ambient temperature is above absolute zero – reliably generating the microwatts of electrical power needed to run wireless IoT sensors without the need for batteries.

Evercell power cells are inexpensive to produce, consume no fuel, have no moving parts, and contain no toxic materials. According to company officials, an Evercell demonstration device has been operating continuously for 16 months with undiminished performance, producing enough electrical output to power a typical wireless sensor.


Producing Evercell power cells in the volume required to respond to this demand is a major challenge that BRIDG is uniquely positioned to help solve. To accelerate construction of new facilities specifically designed to mass-produce the Evercell devices, an international equity firm, Castlepines, has agreed to provide financing and other services through the investment of its own and partners’ equity in major assets for secure, long-term yields.

The collaboration could result in the development of the initial prototype manufacturing line for the Evercell power cells at the BRIDG facility located in NeoCity, a 500-acre technology district in Osceola County, Florida. BRIDG operates a 109,000-square-foot manufacturing facility focused on semiconductor-based processes for smart sensors, photonic technologies, and next-generation integrated devices to enable innovative breakthroughs for industry partners serving government and commercial markets.

The BRIDG facility includes approximately 60,000 square feet of cleanroom laboratory/manufacturing space for use by its industry partners, which is led by visionary stakeholders — Osceola County, the University of Central Florida, and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council. Other major BRIDG partners include imec, Harris Corporation, Siemens, Aurora Semiconductor, Photon-X, University of Florida, University of South Florida, and Florida Institute of Technology, among others. BRIDG is a not-for-profit, industry-led public-private partnership for advanced sensors, optics, photonics, and advanced manufacturing devices. BRIDG focuses on the innovative manufacturable processes, materials and equipment for next- generation sensors and future high-tech products.

For more information visit www.GoBRIDG.com.

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