Eaton 3-V supercap cells provide increased energy capacity for data centers

Eaton announces the TV supercapacitors with 3-V cells that increase stored energy capacity and power by 20 percent compared to 2.7 V cells. Working either in conjunction with or as standalone alternatives to batteries, the TV supercapacitors help reduce maintenance requirements and provide a longer life and cost-effective energy storage for applications that require extremely reliable back-up power, pulse power or voltage control. The increased capacity devices target utility meters, automotive systems, data center flash servers, and industrial automation.


Eaton’s TV cells deliver equivalent series resistance (ESR), capacitance ratings from 6 to 100 F and a temperature range between ˗40°C and +65°C.


The TV supercapacitors provide an increase in performance over 2.7-V supercapacitors, resulting in a 35% increase in usable discharge energy, with typical 0.3 V de-rating. The stored energy of the TV cells allow longer back up times for flash storage servers. The product is a drop-in replacement for Eaton’s HB and HV product offerings. Eaton: www.eaton.com/electronics.



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