AMETEK’s automated remote functional test system serves environmental stress screening

AMETEK VTI Instruments announced the successful development of an Automated Remote Functional Test System for use during the environmental stress screening (ESS) of electronic modules and sub-systems. The architecture of the new test system is based on AMETEK VTI Instruments’ FlexSys™ Series of common core automated test equipment (ATE) solutions.

The test system was envisaged, designed, developed, integrated and tested by AMETEK engineers based in India for Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division(SED)’s environmental testing lab in Bengaluru. This joint effort reflects AMETEK’s commitment to a “Make-in-India” initiative, which was launched as a way to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

Prior to the development of this new system, the standard qualification procedures required the Tata Power SED’s acceptance team to be on site to witness the functional tests each time the ESS testing cycle was performed. However, this requirement often created delays in the overall delivery schedule, as scheduling constraints among members of the acceptance team made it difficult for them to be physically present in the environmental test lab when tests were to be conducted.

In contrast, the infrastructure of the new system allows the acceptance team to control and monitor qualification tests remotely, saving both time and money by eliminating the need to travel to the test lab to witness the tests. Observers can monitor the entire test run through a live video feed and control the tests via a web-based software interface. The new system also allows the testing team to record the entire test cycle and test reports for future reference.

For the acceptance team, the Automated Remote Functional Testing System has helped them improve the quality of its products by minimizing the opportunities for human error, reduced test times, and improved product testing throughput. At the same time, the new system has enhanced the quality and repeatability of the tests performed, thereby increasing confidence in the accuracy of the test results.

The Tata Power SED technical team appreciated the speed at which the AMETEK team was able to grasp the requirements and execute the project. Tata team further acknowledged AMETEK’s technical competence and ability to solve complex interface related issues, enabling the project to move through the concept proving and testing phases quickly.


For more information visit www.programmablepower.com/ate-systems/flexsys

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