Aluminum heat sinks compatible with several transistor packages

CUI’s Thermal Management Group added a heat sink product line to its existing portfolio of Peltier devices and dc fans. The new line of aluminum heat sinks, available in both extruded and stamped versions, are compatible with TO‑218, TO‑220, TO‑252, and TO‑263 transistor packages. Designed to improve the heat dissipation of low and high power board level applications, these stampings and extrusions are measured under four conditions for thermal resistance, making it easier to select the optimal heat sink for natural convection or forced air cooled systems.


The extruded and stamped heat sinks offer tin plated or black anodized material finishes and are available with or without solder pins in vertical or horizontal orientations. Thermal resistances measured at 75°C ΔT in natural convection environments are as low as 4.49°C/W, while power dissipation ratings measure up to 16.7 W at 75°C ΔT in natural convection.


The company also offers a range of custom heat sink capabilities. With alternate production methods such as forging and die casting as well as extrusions and stampings, CUI can create nearly any shape or profile to fit specific design needs. A variety of additional materials and finishes are available, including clear and color anodization, chromate powder coating, and nickel or zinc plating. Hole punching for custom mounting patterns is also an option. In addition, CUI’s standard or custom heat sinks can be integrated with any of its current Peltier and dc fan offerings to achieve more complex thermal solutions.


The entire product line of extruded and stamped aluminum heat sinks is available immediately with prices starting at $0.17 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing or custom solutions.

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