Acopian’s 1400W programmable AC-DC supply offers rack & benchtop configurations

Acopian Power Supplies announced the availability of a new family of single-output programmable AC-DC power supplies and wide-adjust output programmable AC-DC power supplies. Single output voltages range from 10V to 270V and current capabilities up to 120A and wide-adjust voltages range from 0-10V to 0-270V with current capabilities up to 120A. These rack and benchtop units provide high power density, low ripple and a user-friendly front panel.

The power supplies accommodate an AC input voltage of 100-265 VAC, 49-420 Hz, single phase with active power factor correction (PFC) of 0.99 single phase to ensure operation in challenging AC environments and compliance with European EMC requirements. Physical dimensions are 2U x 19″ panel, 19.2″ deep.

All models are provided standard with digital voltage & current Meters, front panel controls, ‘AC on’ indicator, constant voltage and constant current modes, and many more! Optional features include digital interfaces for RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB, handles and chassis slides. The supplies are suitable for use in a broad range of ATE, OEM and laboratory applications such as component testing, semiconductor burn-in, test and measurement, RF Amplifiers, LED/laser testing, as well as a variety of electromagnetic and electromechanical applications.

For more information visit https://www.acopian.com/single-s-2u-m.html

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