3 Terminal DC-DC Smart Regulator

Rohm introduces a single package compact design buck type completely integrated DC/DC Converter, the BP5293-50. This 3-terminal regulator offers high efficiency without the need for heat sinks. BP5293-50’s pin compatibility to 3-terminal regulators remove the need for PCB redesign when using this device as an integrated DC/DC converter.

BP5293-50 employs a current mode PWM control system that enables it to achieve a faster transient response. While in PWM mode, it utilizes a switching operation for 570kHz (typ.) for heavier load while SSLMTM (Simple Light Load Mode) control is used for lighter load for better efficiency. Also, the switching function stops while in this mode, and an output voltage waveform is produced.

The device comes with a wide input voltage range of 7V to 26V and fixed 5.0V output. The output max current is 1A. and provides High efficiency at light load with a SLLMTM. It is most suitable for use in the equipment to reduce the standby power required.

BP5293-50 is best suitable for designs involving consumer applications such as those in Communication, Audio-Visual Appliances, and many others. This integrated DC/DC converter can also be utilized in industrial equipment, as well as in amusement equipment.


  •    1ch Buck DC/DC Converter
  •    SLLM™ control (Simple Light Load Mode)
  •    Efficiency=70%(@IOUT=2mA)
  •    Over current protection
  •    Under voltage lockout protection
  •    Soft start
  •    Not need for externals parts
  •    Small Package
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